Help Women Gain Equality in Law and in Society

Women do not want to be treated in a special way, they don’t way special rights; they just want the same rights that men enjoy around the world. On all 5 continents of the world, women struggle every day under the burden of discrimination. Women face discrimination in education, in the workplace and in society in general. They are denied basic human rights in many places. These shackles are placed on women in the name of ‘tradition’, ‘culture’, ‘the law’ and ‘religion’.

Such justifications for treating women as second class citizens are clearly ahistorical because they assume that culture does not change. All traditions change over time. Oppressions start at a specific date in the past, and they will surely stop sometime in the future. All the great religious and political leaders in history sought to bring change to the mainstream ways of thinking: Gandhi, Martin Luther King; even Jesus and Mohammed challenged orthodoxy. We the International Council of Women also seek change. We want women to enjoy the same civil rights as men.

Here is a brief list of discrimination against women in the world:

  • Lebanese women married to foreign nationals cannot pass on their nationality rights to their children or spouses. Thus, the husband of a Lebanese woman who is not Lebanese cannot gain an automatic spouse visa to work in the Lebanon.
  • At present there is no law in America stopping young girls being taken out of the country and being subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM). This is a serious issue in several places in the world where a girl’s genitals are sewn up to guarantee their virginity on their wedding day. This operation is often done with unsterilized equipment and leads to infertility or serious infection.
  • Women in Saudi Arabia are not permitted to drive. Many women have protested this discrimination by illegally driving and filming their actions. Those women caught could be punished with flogging.
  • Girls in Saudi Arabia are sent to sex segregated schools where they receive an inferior education to boys. Under the male guardianship system in Saudi Arabia women must have forms signed by their male guardian before they are able to study abroad. Thus, women are completely at the mercy of men when it comes to their education.
  • Girls in Saudi Arabia have no rights to refuse marriage in the country. It is common practice for the male guardian to marry off girls as young as 12 to old men for financial gain.
  • In Iran, women can still be stoned to death for adultery. Naturally (or unnaturally) the same law does not apply to adulterous men.
  • According to a UN report there are 12.3 million adults and children in forced labor and forced sexual servitude. More than half of the people in the above figure are women and children. 79% of human trafficking cases involve sexual exploitation.
  • In Chile, when a woman marries she automatically forfeits her rights to any property she has inherited.
  • Despite the new Afghanistan constitution which gives women equal rights to men, in many areas of the country Sharia law exists that prohibits a woman from leaving the house unaccompanied by a male relative.
  • In Japan, an 18 year old man may marry a 16 year old woman, but not vice versa. Furthermore, a woman in Japan may not remarry until 6 months have passed since the dissolution of the last marriage. No such law applies to men.
  • In China, women are prevented by law from doing jobs that are labeled as ‘Grade IV physical labor intensity’ despite Article 48 of the Constitution of China which grants women equality with men in all spheres of life.
  • In the USA a person born out of wedlock and out of the USA can only gain automatic American citizenship if the father is American, not if the mother is American.

These are just a few brief examples of the injustices women face. Most of the examples are of discrimination founded within the law. This discrimination is not confined to developing countries or to extreme religious positions. That Japan and America have not repealed clearly sexist laws reveals a lot about the inherent patriarchal values that still dominate the status quo in those countries.

We must challenge leaders to change unfair laws that discriminate against women. We must lobby governments to do more to stop the sex tourist trade that fuels human trafficking and bonded sexual slavery.

We must start dialogues with communities that still practice FGM and protect girls from being kidnapped and subjected to this mutilation.

We must set up support groups to give adolescent girls a means of escaping childhood marriages; and men must be shamed into stopping the exploitation of female members of their family for financial gain.

What is required is an international effort to bring to light cases of abuse against women. Peaceful demonstrations and petitions must be organized to ameliorate the inherent sexism in many laws. Although constitutions around the world talk of the equality of men and women, particular laws contradict this aim.

The articles contained in are about equality, about the sexism inherent in laws and cultural practices. It is only by making more people aware of the issues that the cause of justice can be moved forward.

Equal Opportunities For Men And Women

Gender discrimination is actually not new to hear. Since from the past, we have been heard the topic about gender discrimination. Once you read about how the society works from the past, you will find out some interesting facts. Indeed, gender discrimination is one of the trending news from the past. You will then read about how men discriminate women. They look down the capabilities and capacities of women. They think that women are for home only and never have to work for income. It is true that men from the past work for a living unlike women. Women were just left at home to take care of their children. Gender discrimination becomes interesting topic since there are women who are able to do several works compared to men. Did you know that women are flexible and can do multi-tasking? Let us cite some example like a women can be a driver and works household chores. Do you think men can drive, goes home and do the household chores? Also, there are lots of men’s works that women are capable of doing as well.  

From the fact that women can do multi-tasking, you are able to learn more about it from several sources. Perl can explain lots of ideas how gender discrimination affects equal opportunities. It is a sad part that there are other people badly thinks that women are only at home. Perl explains that equal opportunities must be permitted in the society today. Quite a lot of women are flexible and can do multi-tasking. Another thing, most offices practiced not equal opportunities like they do favoritism. The term equal opportunities are a term broadly utilized in explaining the rights of any citizen to acquire equal chances in the case of employment. Without any discrimination of religion, gender, age, ethnicity or any mental or physical disability must be practiced and law must be implemented for this concern. Several factors that can be taken into account when choosing an application are the capability, performance, qualification and experience of the applicant. In an organization, equal opportunities must be experienced to all the employees. Also, applicants must experience equal opportunities when hired.

Perl is legal for any organization to build up a strong policy to equal opportunities. Also, once you are employed, as an employee, you have to experience equal opportunities to other co-workers. If they have the chance to be promoted into the organization then you as well, as being part of the organization has the chance to get promoted. Also, salary increase must also be experienced to all the employees. It is not right if your company don’t allow you to get promoted. Therefore, you need to read the organization’s rules and policies before you sign any contract. This will make you aware on the equal opportunities you have from any other employees in the company. Once your co-workers enjoy salary increase and promotion, then you can also experience this in the future depending on your performance in the organization. Perl will teach you and let you aware on equal opportunities. 





Don’t Use Sorcery in Saudi Arabia

No seriously don’t, if you want to cast spells, curses and fly around on broomsticks then you’d better not do it in Saudi Arabia as they’re very strict on that sort of thing.    When you look at the towering skyscrapers, the luxury hotels and the opulence on every corner, it’s difficult to believe that although behind this modern and progressive facade lies an almost medieval sense of justice.

IT’s a funny sketch taken from a Monty Python film from a couple of decades ago, on the trial of a witch, it doesn’t seem that far from the truth in Saudi. There are several maids for example who are on death row in Saudi prisons for the crime of – ‘casting a magic spell on her employer and family’. One such maid was recently pardoned by King Abdullah, presumably on the grounds that it was completely mad.

There’s still plenty of people stuck in there under a variety of stupid charges that would probably fill a couple of more Monty Python films – stuff like sorcery, witchcraft and casting spells. It’s obviously a concern that such a kingdom controls much of the world’s oil supplies, don’t you think?

Domestic workers in Saudi are often treated very badly and presumably these dark age criminal charges are an extension of this. Human rights researchers have spoken of stories of abuse, beatings, torture and horrible mistreatment which occur routinely. There are between one and two million domestic workers in Saudi Arabia and most are completely reliant on their employers. Many are treated little better than slaves, because their visas are normally tied to their employers under a system called kafala. It means that the workers have little rights, as they are often completely dependent on their employers.

If you are in Saudi Arabia, you’ll also find you have limited access to various websites which you may normally  use quite frequently.  If you’re blocked by the location of your IP address or a content filter then this will help – useful video, but you will need normally to use the encrypted mode to bypass the packet inspection commonly found in Saudi ISPs.

If you need access to a specific site then you may have to allow for other restrictions above and beyond the Saudi blocks, for example to watch the BBC News on iPlayer you’ll need a UK  IP Address, check the other link out for details.

Cao Shunli Dies After Being Denied Medical Help

Sad news that the human rights activist Cao Shunli has died after being denied medical treatment by security agents working for the Chinese state.  Cao was initially detained by the authorities last year when she took part in  a two month sit in at the foreign ministry.  Their aim for that protest was to push the authorities into allowing some public involvement in a supposed national review of human rights in China.

The details of her death are a little unclear but her brother received a phone call last week, he arrived at the hospital an hour later but she was already gone.  The hospital is preventing any family or lawyers have access to the body currently.  She had numerous health complaints that needed constant treatment such as TB, liver disease and fibroids.


Cao was detained at Beijing airport before travelling to a human rights training program in Switzerland.   A few weeks later she was arrested on the charges of ‘suspicion of picking quarrels and provoking trouble’.   This led to her incarceration in a detention center where she was denied access to medical treatment for her conditions.  The lack of medical attention obviously caused her overall condition to deteriorate over the last few months of her life.

Human rights organisations have been protesting throughout the world.  Sophie Richardson from the Human Rights Watch -

“It’s just horrific there’s no other way of describing this.”


Just remember this is a modern country detaining and denying medical treatment to a human rights activist. She was effectively killed by denying her the basic human rights of medical treatment, the whole episode demonstrates how barbaric the Chinese state are when dealing with any opposition of any kind. Many activists in the country protest at huge risk to themselves having to be extremely careful in their daily lives. Most for example use secure proxies to access foreign media like UK and US TV like this video demonstrates, using encrypted settings to prevent interception and logging at the packet level.

It is pretty much a way of life for ordinary Chinese to use these proxies and VPNs in order to access ordinary sites like Facebook and Youtube that are not accessible in China – the following link – download,allows access to a demo version that will allow access to Facebook in China for example.

Gender Violence Surprise in Scandinavian Countries

The European continent was understood for the publicity of social programmes and strides made with reference to gender equality. Yet, according to a fresh report, an amazing one in three girls in the E.U. has documented some kind of mistreatment. Nordic nations, well-known for being ahead-believing, report the worst in violence against females, as shown by a fresh survey.

Fifty-two-percent of Danish girls interviewed stated they’d experienced bodily and sexual violence at least once because the age of 1 5. Finnish girls reported at least 4 7 percent and 4 6 percent of Swedish girls both reported similar encounters, according to the survey from the European Union Essential Rights Bureau.

Prayer, fasting and alms giving.In marked comparison, just 19% of Polish girls reported being physically or sexually attacked, followed by twenty per cent of Austrian girls and 2 1 percent of Croatian girls.

“Our study results demonstrate the general public of girls in the European Union is experiencing quite elevated rates of violence – and the amounts are enormous. We Are speaking about half the public, not merely about particular groups in the public that are especially exposed to specific kinds of mistreatment.”

Based in Wien, the bureau gathers data evaluating how E.U. members execute in safeguarding human rights.

Some 3.7 million girls had experienced sexual violence in precisely the same span.

It was reported by just a third of girls who’d endured mistreatment in the hands of somebody to authorities or a sufferer support organization.

“If this were occurring outside the Eu and these amounts were, say, for still another continent or a different area of earth, we might feel (anticipate) E.U. frontrunners would say ‘that is a call for activity, this is unacceptable,’” Goodey stated.

“The European Union and member states have to get up and say this really is about equivalence between women and men and we actually need to handle this at multiple degrees.”

The numbers for the magnificently liberal Nordic states surprised many.

One potential explanation for the variation in outcomes is the fact that girls might be less prone to feel blot talking about events of violence in states having an improved record of gender equality.

Girls may also be more prone to go out to perform, socialize and day in states where they love greater equality – getting them at potential danger of sexual harassment on the job.

To access content and reports referenced when restricted by location try this.

For the BBC Iplayer content – source here:


Human Rights Must Be Enjoyed By Everyone

From the time when the organization of people in diverse forms had come, fights in the way of conferring, assuming or exercising of rights and authority and liable duties for the acknowledged ideals had considered in of great part by prominent thinkers. Hence, concepts like liberty, fraternity, democracy, nation, state, forms and privileges of governments that range from outright monarchy to militarism to democratic functions in diverse customs have thoroughly analyzed, shaped and analytically followed by diverse times and climes in several manners. The seo is the greatest legacy way back from the 20th century that has been disseminating data on these phases of educated life to those aspiring on carving out communities. Everyone has own human rights and they must have to enjoy it. No one can prohibit your rights as it is your right to enjoy it. When we are going to discuss all about human rights, there can be a lot of topics to be tackled with. And let us just touch those common rights which is not fairly received and enjoyed with each one of us. 

An innocent person doesn’t have the knowledge on his overall human rights. Therefore, these people must open their eyes and needs to enjoy their right to education. The people must experience their right to education to become aware on the happenings around them. Education would make them alert and knowledgeable on what are the events and problems that are happening onto their lives. Of course, those uneducated people who are called as innocent once would surely now aware on their human rights which are not good. A person has the right to education because he is responsible on himself. Whatever achievement that may happen for his future is actually his choice and giving these rights for them is so much important. In democratic country, the government had actually neglected this kind of problem that needs to be solved. And the right to education had been forgotten by the government. With the saying “ignorance of the law excuses no one”, we must have to make sure that we have taken our right to education and seo. It can be so much pitiful for those people who have not gone at school and even writing their names is hard for them. 

Human rights are actually fair. No one is discriminated when it comes to human rights as long as you are not an alien, then you must experience and enjoy these human rights. Living in a democratic country can be exciting and challenging. People have common human rights. Whatever human rights that a person has, then this must also be experience to the other. Being fair is so much admiring. It is so much disappointing that there are those people who have enjoyed their human rights and the other is not. Human rights should be fair and seo can explain that. Everyone not has their human rights and they must be aware on all of them. In this challenging world, it is important that you are always attentive as it will bring you to become not ignorant. 



Rift in Scottish Independence Equality Plans

One of the less covered potential changes that Scottish Independence would lead to is that of the married persons tax breaks.  The SNP (Scottish National Party) who are leading the campaign for Scottish independence have confirmed that they would intend to scrap a planned tax change for married couples.

The party spokesman confirmed this and stated that it considers the plan discriminatory against women.  It is due to come into effect in 2015 and will allow people on lower incomes to transfer some of their unused tax allowance to their spouses.

So why is it considered discrimination against women?   Well it is argued that the tax break would on the whole benefit men, and often leave single or separated women losing out.  The tax is only applicable to married couples which is probably why the outcry, although many institutions like the Free Church of Scotland are in favor of anything which helps promotes marriage.

How much of this is important in the fight against inequality is unclear.  The tax break is actually of relatively little value,  estimates suggest that about £3.85 is about the average saving of those who could apply.  Is that amount enough to persuade people to get married?  It seems unlikely considering the costs of an average Scottish wedding.

Others argued that the money could be better spent elsewhere.  For instance the amounts involved on a national scale could make a significant difference in an area such as childcare.  This is a very pressing issue for women and one that often causes women a lot of problems and inequalities in the work market for example.

If you’d like to follow the debate both on women’s equality issues and the run up to the vote on Scottish independence then you can keep up to date using the BBC Iplayer application.  For those outside Scotland you may need to use something to mask your location like this video – how to hide IP address demonstrates.  It’s also very interesting to follow some similar issues that are being discussed in France, on equality issues – check these out on the French media, this can help you watch French TV Online, which shows you how to select the right IP address for stations like M6 Replay.

Italian Law – Discriminatory Practice of Registering Children

There has been an interesting case just finishing in Italy which might end up having repercussions across Europe. It is concerning children and how the country automatically registers new born children using their father’s name. The court found that this practice was discriminatory and ‘patriarchal’.

The law actually dates back to Roman times but the judges have ordered that Italy must change this to allow children to carry their mother’s surname if the parent’s preferred. The case was actually started way back in 1990, when a young Italian couple were refused permission to give their baby daughter their mother’s maiden name. The couple appealed against the decision but this was initially denied.


Fast forward a decade or so and they got the city of Milan to agree to the change yet still blocked under National Italian law. One of the reasons was that the practice was now part of Italian history and consciousness. But they persevered and tool their case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Finally this year the ECHR ruled in their favor stating that the Italian law was not compatible with the principles of gender equality which were also part of Italy’s modern day constitution. The decision has had a mixed reaction in Italy, with many welcoming the new law and others offended that Italian law is being dictated from Europe.

You can follow the reactions on the Italian media, although you’ll need to use a proxy or VPN to access many of the channels. This video explains how-

There is more media coverage across Europe, particularly in France, the home of the European Court of Human Justice, this video helps you access the French TV stations if needed.

Gender Equality: Women’s Right

Way back from the past centuries, men consider women as plain housewife. You can only see women at home and never at workplaces. It is believed that women should only be at home to take good care their kids and does household chores. After those chores, they are only responsible to take good care of their kids and even their husband by the time they go home after work. This leaves a big question when asked today. A lot of women today are single mom and who usually do the work in order to live and support their kids. So, who says women are only at home and nothing more? If you asked and conduct a survey, many women are working today compared to men as written at fastelavnskostumer. Of course, you would see men with lots of capabilities to work but you can never underestimate the capabilities and skills of women. There are numbers of women in the world who have many skills and very flexible when it comes to work. Women can manage to work and manage working at home after they are done on their daily works to earn a living. Year by year, we get more and more advance and so as with the women.

Would you believe that women are 70% flexible when it comes to work when compared to men? If you are woman, you would surely yes because you might have this flexibility in you. Therefore, gender equality should be given to women. We must not get stock from the past with the tradition of leaving women at home and men can only work. Since we are now on the new generation, women can work and they should not be forced to be at home only. We must not take the belief like women are for home works only because they don’t have the capability to work to earn a living. Take this in your mind; have you seen women drivers today? Of course you would say yes and the fastelavnskostumer can clearly explain how becomes advantage to have women drivers when compared to men drivers. You may not believ ethis or not but there are several women drivers today who have professional license to become a driver and this is a fact.

The fastelavnskostumer explains how it becomes relevant to have women drivers than men drivers. There is a particular place that has many women drivers and they have only small numbers of women drivers with reckless driving records. Women driver are more careful on their driving work not like men who are very reckless on their driving records. In factories, they hire more women workers than men. Women are truly reliable and trustworthy because they are more responsible and dedicated when it comes to work. Of course there are still men who are responsible and dedicated to their works. Since women have the large percentage of population in the world, why not give them the chance to work and experience what they want to try. 



Human Rights Are For Everybody With No Exceptions

Human rights have been promulgated in order for the human beings to understand their common rights around the world. Each human being has their rights and those are several rights that should be experienced. Each person has its human rights, so it is promulgated with no exceptions as long as you are living into this world. However, since people lived with different races, countries, cultures and beliefs, it doesn’t mean that they also have their rights with limitations as to what others have. So, it is important that each individual should know its rights. No considerations as long as you are living in the said place and you are a citizen of a particular country, the rights of your neighbors are also your rights. Each individual have the same and equal rights with others and no one should question you if you are asking on your right as to what it is. You can always fight for your right and no limitations, exceptions and considerations should be practiced as long as you know your rights. The herre ure will let you understand that people have common rights and no one is exempted. Enjoying human rights should let you feel living to the fullest because no one limits you and you have that feeling of equality with no discriminations at all.

Human rights conceived to be worldwide. It is applicable anywhere and everywhere. So, it doesn’t matter where you are, you can freely enjoy your rights as human when it comes to dame ure or herre ure. It is generally understood as absolute tights to a person as to which is inherently entitled merely because he or she is a human being. Human being has its rights as to what is promulgated by the government and each individual should experience it freely. The herre ure explains about human rights to conceived it universal and egalitarian and doesn’t matter anywhere you are and which is also applicable anywhere. Equal human rights should be experienced and conceived each human being from places like dame ure or herre ure. The rights may exist as legal rights or as natural rights. It will be experience locally from, nationally, regionally and international law. If you are living in your locality, you need to be aware that you have human rights and no one will deprive it to you. You can enjoy your rights as long as you are following the rules and regulations of the government. No human rights would exempt anyone because it should be equal. Remember that human rights are for everybody with no exceptions! This is something they work very hard on maintaining over at herre ure and dame ure so that we can all live peacefully together without any problems.

The herre ure declared that the doctrine of human rights in an international practice in accordance with international law, regional institutions and global in the policies of states. Herre Ure would let people realize that human rights must be applied anywhere you are. Human being should not feel that they are deprived with their own rights. So, as human being, you must be aware on your rights and you can freely experience it no matter where you are. Place should not be an exemption. Human rights should be experience equally and freely. No one should be deprived to their human rights just because they are ignorant and uneducated. Human rights should be universal and must be no exemptions.


The Equality Of Gender Should Be Practiced

As you know – gender equality has been trending since from the day women argued their rights and asking for no gender discrimination. The priser nyt tag teaches how important that we should treat each other as equal with no matter on the gender of a certain person. Gender equality should be practiced so that we all have our rights to work and we have our freedom. We have to open our eyes that gender should not be mattered. The capacity and capability of man should consider as in the level of women. We should not be on the thinking that man is always being the most capable one on working. Recently, a woman turns to be very unique, creative and has the capability on working like just me. Indeed, we have to exercise equality and the quality of being fair. Yes, fair treatment from the gender would assure to have a continuing progressive society. Men and women are the society and if both of them are helping each other. So, a progressive society should assure if men and women are helping and lending their hands. Gender discrimination should be practiced to have a fair society. Gender discrimination should be in a society to have a well-developed community. Gender truly makes a difference in the way individuals to be treated. Yes, fair treatment should be followed and respected in the society. Let us remove the thinking that women should only be at home and are the ones who will take care of the family. The most admiring quality of a woman is of its flexibility. They can take good care of the family while working. Have you seen how flexible women are? Yes, they are truly hard working. So, it is indeed helpful to the society that the people living should have fair treatment. Women and men should be treated fairly without gender discrimination. We are all humans and have the capacity and capability, so being a woman should not be a hindrance to work and to help the family. In a family, it is expected that we will come across on having problem on our finances and it not a wrong idea that woman can help. The tagpap or ståltag can help individuals understand the flexibility of women and men.The ståltag can be a help guide to understand why people should not practice gender discrimination. When we check on the society today, there are most talented and skilled women compared to men. So, why we should have to practice thing wrong gender discrimination in the society? Each individual have their own skill and talent and this must not be wasted. Just for example, if a woman knows how to drive a car and a man doesn’t know it when driving a nyt tag car, then there is an offer on hiring a driver and the certain family is having trouble on their finances. So, what do you think is the best idea? Is it because the wife has the capability to drive and since she is not allowed to work because of the gender? This is truly a wrong idea as the equality of gender should be practiced everywhere.


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