Help Women Gain Equality in Law and in Society

Women do not want to be treated in a special way, they don’t way special rights; they just want the same rights that men enjoy around the world. On all 5 continents of the world, women struggle every day under the burden of discrimination. Women face discrimination in education, in the workplace and in society in general. They are denied basic human rights in many places. These shackles are placed on women in the name of ‘tradition’, ‘culture’, ‘the law’ and ‘religion’.

Such justifications for treating women as second class citizens are clearly ahistorical because they assume that culture does not change. All traditions change over time. Oppressions start at a specific date in the past, and they will surely stop sometime in the future. All the great religious and political leaders in history sought to bring change to the mainstream ways of thinking: Gandhi, Martin Luther King; even Jesus and Mohammed challenged orthodoxy. We the International Council of Women also seek change. We want women to enjoy the same civil rights as men.

Here is a brief list of discrimination against women in the world:

  • Lebanese women married to foreign nationals cannot pass on their nationality rights to their children or spouses. Thus, the husband of a Lebanese woman who is not Lebanese cannot gain an automatic spouse visa to work in the Lebanon.
  • At present there is no law in America stopping young girls being taken out of the country and being subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM). This is a serious issue in several places in the world where a girl’s genitals are sewn up to guarantee their virginity on their wedding day. This operation is often done with unsterilized equipment and leads to infertility or serious infection.
  • Women in Saudi Arabia are not permitted to drive. Many women have protested this discrimination by illegally driving and filming their actions. Those women caught could be punished with flogging.
  • Girls in Saudi Arabia are sent to sex segregated schools where they receive an inferior education to boys. Under the male guardianship system in Saudi Arabia women must have forms signed by their male guardian before they are able to study abroad. Thus, women are completely at the mercy of men when it comes to their education.
  • Girls in Saudi Arabia have no rights to refuse marriage in the country. It is common practice for the male guardian to marry off girls as young as 12 to old men for financial gain.
  • In Iran, women can still be stoned to death for adultery. Naturally (or unnaturally) the same law does not apply to adulterous men.
  • According to a UN report there are 12.3 million adults and children in forced labor and forced sexual servitude. More than half of the people in the above figure are women and children. 79% of human trafficking cases involve sexual exploitation.
  • In Chile, when a woman marries she automatically forfeits her rights to any property she has inherited.
  • Despite the new Afghanistan constitution which gives women equal rights to men, in many areas of the country Sharia law exists that prohibits a woman from leaving the house unaccompanied by a male relative.
  • In Japan, an 18 year old man may marry a 16 year old woman, but not vice versa. Furthermore, a woman in Japan may not remarry until 6 months have passed since the dissolution of the last marriage. No such law applies to men.
  • In China, women are prevented by law from doing jobs that are labeled as ‘Grade IV physical labor intensity’ despite Article 48 of the Constitution of China which grants women equality with men in all spheres of life.
  • In the USA a person born out of wedlock and out of the USA can only gain automatic American citizenship if the father is American, not if the mother is American.

These are just a few brief examples of the injustices women face. Most of the examples are of discrimination founded within the law. This discrimination is not confined to developing countries or to extreme religious positions. That Japan and America have not repealed clearly sexist laws reveals a lot about the inherent patriarchal values that still dominate the status quo in those countries.

We must challenge leaders to change unfair laws that discriminate against women. We must lobby governments to do more to stop the sex tourist trade that fuels human trafficking and bonded sexual slavery.

We must start dialogues with communities that still practice FGM and protect girls from being kidnapped and subjected to this mutilation.

We must set up support groups to give adolescent girls a means of escaping childhood marriages; and men must be shamed into stopping the exploitation of female members of their family for financial gain.

What is required is an international effort to bring to light cases of abuse against women. Peaceful demonstrations and petitions must be organized to ameliorate the inherent sexism in many laws. Although constitutions around the world talk of the equality of men and women, particular laws contradict this aim.

The articles contained in are about equality, about the sexism inherent in laws and cultural practices. It is only by making more people aware of the issues that the cause of justice can be moved forward.

Is it harder to get a job as a woman?

There are still a lot of talk about the difference between getting a job as a woman as a man. Many say that being a man gives you an advantage when applying for a job, and while this certainly were true 20 years ago, is it still true today? It’s a question that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no. For instance if we look at the people who are currently unemployeed there are about as a many unemployed men as there are women. So according to those statistics, it’s equally hard to get a job for both men and women, but there are a lot more to it than just looking at the current number of people without a job. For instance there are a lot more females with some kind of education compared to the men, most of those who drop out of school or their education are men, more women seems to know the importance of this and often finish their education. Also more women are likely to take the jobs that nobody else wants, for instance a job in cleaning, serving food, picking berries etc. It’s often boring jobs with no long term opportunities. Most of the people applying for those kinds of jobs are women. If we look at factory like DC supply, a company producing container and mobilkøkken, then we see that in the management, 70% of the employees are men, the last 30% are women,the middle jobs, like tech support, engineers, accounting, human resources etc. it’s split more equally with about 50% males and women. If we take another step down the payroll, the numbers change once again. Now it’s around 60% and 40% men working the borings jobs with a low pay.

According to this it seems that women are more likely to take the low paid jobs compared to men, and this could indicate that it might be still be harder to women to get the good jobs, but maybe a little easier to get the low paid ones. If we goto 10 years back in time and look at D supply again, the numbers were even worse. Back then only 20% of the women were in management, 40% in the middle, and 70% in the bottom of the company, so things have definitely improved, but not quiet as much as we would have liked. And if we look at other similar companies, the trend is more or less the same here. To few women at the good jobs and to many at the bad ones.

This only shows that the women are less picky when it comes to taking a job, even when they have a good education, compared to men, so basically you can say that it’s not harder for a woman to get a job, but it’s still harder to get a good job.

At billig kreatin, you can see more examples of women vs men in top jobs.

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Afghan Women’s Activists Attend Funeral

KABUL– Afghan women’s rights activists dressed head-to-toe in black broke with tradition Sunday to carry the coffin of a girl who had been beaten to death by a mob in the capital Kabul over claims a Qur’an had been burned by her.

The mob of men beat 27-year-old Farkhunda before throwing her body running over it using a car, placing it on fire and throwing it right into a river near a well-known mosque.

The strike was apparently triggered by claims that Farkhunda, who like many Afghans has just one name, had set fire to some Qur’an. But the most senior detective in Afghanistan said no evidence was found to support those claims.

Video of the assault taken with cellphones has circulated extensively because the strike on Thursday. The killing has shocked many Afghans and led to renewed calls for justice and reform.

“We want justice for Farkhunda, we desire justice for Afghan girls. All these injustices occurring to Afghan women are unacceptable,” said a leading women’s rights activist who goes by the name Dr. Alima.

“In which religion or beliefs can it be okay to burn a person to death?

President Ashraf Ghani, now in Washington on his first state visit to America since taking office in September, condemned the killing as a “heinous assault” and ordered an investigation.
Many rights activists, however, said the killing cut to the core of how women are treated as second class citizens in Afghan society.  They however have to be extremely careful in a society dominated by men, who will often use violence to enforce their own belief.  The activists need to  be very careful and the majority of them take security precautions such as using UK VPN servers such as this one – when online
Girls are normally wed away as children, then and traded as chattels infrequently permitted to depart their homes with no male relative.

Hundreds of people gathered at a graveyard Sunday in the middle class suburb near the dwelling of Farkhunda. With the permission of her dad, her coffin was carried by the women in black from an ambulance to an open air prayer earth, after which to rites that are usually attended only by men, her grave.

“She is a sister to you all, which is your responsibility to bury her,” Farkhunda’s brother Najibullah, standing graveside, told the crowd.
Officials several politicians and senior police officers addressed the funeral, which was broadcast live. Men formed a chain across the women pallbearers to provide protection and support.

The attack seemed to have grown from a veiled girl who’d just completed a degree in religious studies and was preparing to take a teaching post a dispute between Farkhunda, and guys who sold amulets at Shah -Do Shamshera shrine, where the killing happened.

The amulet sellers were viewed by her as parasites and told women to not waste their cash to them, family and friends said. Her father, Mohammed Nadir, said the men responded by making false accusations that a Qur’a had been torched by her.
“Based on their lies, folks determined Farkhunda was not a Muslim and beat her to death,” he said. The Interior Ministry said it was supplying extra protection for the household.
The Interior Ministry said 13 police officers were suspended pending investigation.
“She’s totally innocent,” he said.

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A man’s response to lack of rights for Women

While many of us women still feel that it’s the men who get all the benefits, even in today’s society. There are also a lot of men who thinks quite the opposite. We have interviewed one of those people, Erik Nielsen from, a software developer from Europe, a continent many of us though was way ahead of the US, when it comes to Women’s rights. A Perl Critic they got both men and women working with software such as PHP, Perl, CHiafrø, ASP etc. Right now they are developing a system for health product called Kreatin, and most of the people workig on that project are women. According to Erik, women are the most privileged. He continues with a few examples. People don’t always expect as a much from a women, due to old fashioned thinking and the fact that there are still a lot of dumb blondes, who don’t know when to keep quiet. Because of this, it’s easier for a women to make an impression, as men, in their subconscion don’t expect as much from a much as from a man. So if the women is hardworking and skilled, she actually has a better chance of being recognized as a man doing the same work. Here I would have to disagree and say that if the man and a woman does the same job equally good, then it’s the man who gets the most attention. Another thing Erik mentioned is the military. If you are born a man, you have a 30% chance of being drafted into the army for 5-12 months, if you are a women you are free to choose if you wish to join or not. I can’t really disagree with that, in a perfect world there shouldn’t be any differences if you are a man or a women, but in a perfect world, you shouldn’t be forced to joined the military at all.

He continues to say that there are even certain jobs such as midwife and a few others that are restricted to women only. So far there arn’t any jobs that women can’t apply to. Even in certain normally male dominated jobs, such as blacksmith or trucker, they are quite happy when a job now and then apply. And if she can do the job as well as a man, she is just more likely to actually get the job. In Erik’s latest project Kreatin, most of the developers are women. He didn’t hire them just because they were women, but because they had better skills than most the men who applied for the job. Because of that 80% of the women on the Kreatin project as now women, and he haven’t regretted it at all. Of couse being a man, in a male dominated society, it’s might be a little to easy to dismiss a womans skills, just because of her gender, but if you actually give them a chance, their skills are often better and they work harder. In many of Erik’s previous projects like Brænde and Briketter, PERL Accelerator and Kostumer, it has mainly been males sitting on most of the jobs. So this time he wanted to take a chance with the women, and so far it seems to have been the right choice.


Latest Information on the Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap persists at the highest degrees of management within firms’ legal departments, according to the Association of Corporate Counsel.

Most chief legal officers in 2014 brought in $200,000 to 299,999, according to the annual Chief Legal Officer Survey released last week by the District-based trade group that represents 37,000 in house lawyers in 90 nations. Those that earned above that range were more inclined to be male: Nearly 30 percent of male chief legal officers had base salaries of $300,000 or more, compared with 22 percent of chief legal officials that are female.


Similarly, 38 percent of chief legal officers that are male had total compensation packages (base salary, plus other benefits) of more than $400,000, while that settlement brink was crossed by just 26 percent of chief legal officials that are female.

The report surveyed 1,289 chief legal officials in 46 countries. Of those respondents, 78 percent worked in America. It’s the first year the organization has broken down pay data by sex in its yearly survey.  Most of the research was conducted online using email and VPN across all these countries to bypass any arbitrary restrictions and internet blocks.

“Law is like the majority of other professional services industries, for the reason that women tend to be compensated at lower rates than similar majority males,” said Veta T. Richardson, president of the Association of Corporate Counsel. “The respondents’d like to see those gaps closing.”

Still, there tend to be more girls rising to become chief legal officers among a younger generation of attorneys, which Richardson said is a change that is positive. The percentage of women inhabiting the chief legal officer job is 12 percentage points higher among Generation X than the baby boomer generation, as stated by the survey.

Among the 100 biggest U.S.-based law firms, 96 percent of firms say that their highest-paid partner is male, the report found.

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Will Female Quotas in Chile Really Bring Equality

In the name of equality, the democracy in Chile will simply wind up being unequal. Together with the imminent approval of a long-planned electoral reform by the government of President Michelle Bachelet, the South American country is placed to use gender quotas to boost the representation of women.

Favorable discrimination in favor of girls will neither help them nor Chile’s democracy in general. (



Grievances concerning the discrimination that girls endure in accessing political office are prevalent. Of demanding gender quotas, the defenders point to the discrepancy between the percentage of girls in Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, and the population in general.

“Participation in political office, and access to public decision making, reveals a definite inequality along sex lines,” notes a report in the National Library of Congress.

The suggestions, approved from the Chilean Senate, contain a limit on the number of men, and specifically women, whom can be chosen to run for political office.

Chile currently boasts one of the lowest figures for female members of the Senate, whose members only approved the policy. In fact, a pitiful 15.7 percent of seats in both chambers of Congress are held by women, far from the regional average of 24.8 percent, and the global amount of 21 percent.  If you check with similar counts in other South American countries, perhaps using a VPN or tool like this, then you’ll discover  Chile is lagging way behind, but why?

The concept that women are under- represented in Congress follows a special political notion. The thinking goes that every sector of society needs to have a proportional representation in Congress, because it’s their to protect their interests. According to the reasoning, trade unions, indigenous peoples, women, bosses, and everyone should have the accurately allocated amount of seats. And while Chile asserts to revel in liberal democracy, this specific notion is contrary.

It’s the outcome of collectivist thinking, in which individual identity and agency is diluted in favor of an intangible majority that shares a common characteristic: in one sexual organ, this instance or another. Each woman’s unique features are subsumed into a catch-all category of sex. The final result is that the individual possibility of women is disregarded in favor of a genetic difference that is predetermined.

If girls are contained in the listing of candidates because they’re girls, it follows that there are men because they are guys who will be excluded.

But however much the Convention may attempt to obscure it, the truth is discrimination. Quotas mean that women do not attain political office through their own merits, but through a law which insinuates that they need the intervention of the state to realize their targets. The arguments of those that support quotas, as well as the idea itself, are degrading for women. That discrimination wills only double, even if it’s tagged as favorable where structural discrimination towards girls exists.

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Women’s Right In Today’s Society

Women rights all over the world are an essential indicator, to understand global well-being in general. A key global women rights treaty was approved by the majority of the world’s states a few decades ago. However, despite many achievements in empowering women, many issues would still exist in all areas of life extending from the cultural, political onto the economic. For instance, women often work more than the men, yet are paid less. Gender discrimination would affect women and girls throughout their lifetime. Girls and women are often the ones that suffer the utmost poverty. Women’s rights in today’s society are respected. Way back from the past, women are just at home. Gender discrimination is one of the most important issues according to Jill Moore from the magazine Kostumer. Aftering Jill had traveled in many african and middle eastern countries for almost a year, she published an article on the major problems with womens right in Kostumer. This was one of their most popular articles this year. Many people don’t agree on this when this will be asked today. Many women are capable on multitasking. Most women have multiple talents and capabilities. You must understand global wellbeing in order to become aware on women rights in today’s society. For a lot of women, unpaid work and for the home takes up the majority of their working hours which proven that they are flexible. Women still undertake the majority of work at home. So, can you say that women don’t know about works when compared to men?

To understand global well-being is very important. In this way, you are able to understand your rights being a woman. A report from HRW (Human Rights Watch) describes how exactly women’s rights have not been witnessed in some states as much as expected. Some places claimed made that women’s rights would be respected more yet rules are sometimes not changed enough. When our rights are being denied, dismissed, perverted, we must be aware on what our unalienable rights are and who is responsible for keeping them. Women rights should be understood. Women must be aware on the human rights that they need to hold on. Women must be respected, not just in private but also in public. As they said, women must be respected. Women are flexible enough when it comes to work. Most women know how to do multiple works when being compared to men. Women’s rights are the entitlements and rights claimed for girls and women of many societies around the world. In few places, these entitlements are supported, institutionalized and respected by local custom, behavior and by law. But in other countries, it may be suppressed or ignored.

According to experts, 2014 is a key year for women’s rights. Headlines on newspapers talked most about how women contributed a lot. Many people claimed the flexibility of women. They can do many things even they are too busy at home. They are known when it comes on multitasking. They can do works even they are busy at home. Have you seen women drivers lately? Did you know that women reported as good drivers when it comes on their driving records? It is reported that most women drivers have clear driving records when compared to men drivers. In fact, there are companies recently that are hiring women applicants than men. They think about how women are flexible from work. It is also reported that many women employees are thanked by their employers because of their good working performances. So, it is stated that women’s capacity and capability should not be underestimated. There are works that can be done by women and not possible to men. Women and girls must be respected. We must not matter on the gender but on the potential. We should never see a person’s capability according to its gender. Women and girls should be respected as stated by the law.


Marriage Equality Supporters Celebrate

Pro-gay groups are celebrating a huge victory in South Carolina, this week.  A judge has ordered that a ban in place on same sex marriages should be annulled as it was unconstitutional.  US District Judge Richard Gegel ruled that Amendment 1 which was applied by the State, which asserts that any union except that between a man and a woman is illegal, is not valid in the eyes of the constitution.

This doesn’t sound that ground breaking, when you spend a lot of time in Europe where same-sex marriage is common place.  Hint check out some of the European TV stations for a more modern and liberal approach to marriage laws, I personally go online and use this to watch British TV.   For the Deep South states though it’s an enormous breakthrough in fact it’s the first such ruling.  Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia still have laws which ban same sex marriage and equality.


The decision has been applauded by Equality lawyers throughout the country, with the change due to take affect shortly.  There had been some delay after the state asked for a review but were refused by the US Supreme Court.    The decision at least moves South Carolina to a state of equality however there are still some states which refuse to allow same sex couple to marry.

On the other side of the debate, there is still opposition.  The Attorney General for South Carolina – Alan Wilson has said that  the decision will immediately appealed, however this is unlikely to be more than a futile gesture.  The decision has already been ruled on by the Fourth Circuit so there are no real avenues left for protest.

The decision is stayed until November 20, meaning that marriages can start then unless a further stay is granted.

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson says he will “immediately appeal” the ruling – which is little more than an expensive stalling tactic, as the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has already ruled in favor of equal marriage.

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Is the Fashion Industry Pressuring Women to Diet?

If there is one area of life that puts unnecessary pressure on women to do what is unnatural in health terms it’s the fashion industry creating a body image that women feel forced to comply with. To that end, the diet industry is only too eager to help women to get thinner than they realistically need to be all the while fueling a never ending spiral of what in many instances results in unhealthy dieting practices in the perceived need to be thin.

In many respects, it is in our own inherent nature to make ourselves as attractive to the opposite sex as we possibly can and this is largely what fashion aims at fulfilling. Unfortunately, many will agree that it goes too far in employing very tall, very thin models to show off the latest creations in clothing which all the while will look amazing on those models but never quite the same on women with fuller figures.

Hence the culture of unrealistic dieting undertaken by many women who try to emulate these fashion models. They do so in a vain attempt to look as good and sexually attractive as they perceive the models to look, in the misplaced belief that it is what men desire the most.

Yet strangely enough the super slender look is not necessarily the ideal physical appearance that most men find most desirable!

As long as the media supports the fashion culture and its use of often unrealistically slim models to promote the latest clothing fads, there will always be a huge following of women mesmerized by those abnormally thin bodies and the desire to emulate them. They will go to great lengths to achieve their desire and that’s when the massive problem of diet related health issues raises its ugly head.

Excessive dieting mixed with an errant perception of what is physically desirable can lead to conditions such as anorexia and bulimia which if left untreated can threaten the very lives of those caught up in their vice-like grip. This is when the doctors and medical health professionals are called upon to get involved, often at late stages of these illnesses where working on affecting recovery is much more difficult.

Yet with the right level of health and diet education (see: for more details) available as it actually is these days with the vast knowledge base that is the Internet, this should not be happening any more. But it still does, meaning there is more to this problem than the right information being easily available alone and it goes deeper than just knowing about it.

To force change would not work as people simply resist the change especially when it goes so deeply as to affect a fundamental human instinct. The fashion industry needs to take more responsibility for the culture it creates with media backing before people will sit up and take notice. More information can be found here: Eating Disorders and the Role of the Media

Considering a Career in Healthcare?

Rewarding And Fulfilling Careers In The Field Of Health

Careers in the health field usually run on their own course and are not dependent on how things are doing in other segments of the economy. Nursing jobs are usually there to be found, and anywhere you go you will find that there is an opportunity for high pay. There are a lot of average people, who live all over, have various educational backgrounds, and are all different ages, who can find careers in the health field, and this article is about them, not the few people who have the qualifications and desire to go to medical school.

Even in places where there are high unemployment rates, you will see lots of job ads for home health care aides. These are jobs that involve caring for people who are ill, elderly or disabled in their own homes. You’ll have to help these people with everyday living activities like getting in and out of bed, eating their meals and ensuring that they take the correct medications. Home health care aides will also sometimes do different things like transporting their patients to doctor appointments, take care of the shopping and even fix meals. You can get jobs either independently or via a home health agency. This job’s education requirements are going to vary depend upon where you live. In some states you might need to be a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Not everybody is cut out to be an EMT or an Emergency Medical Technician but these are very important jobs in the health care field. These are professionals who respond to emergency 9-1-1 calls that are medical related and offer support to patients before and on the way to the hospital. Aside from a high school diploma and a clean driving record, you may need additional education and certification to become an EMT, depending on where you live. In order to do this job you need to be able to keep your calm in emergency situations. You might need to things like stop bleeding on accident victims, supply them with oxygen, help during emergency child birth and handle other high stress situations.

When you are interested in alternative medicine there are lots of careers to be chosen from here too. There are lots of people who aren’t so sure about mainstream Western medicine and prefer to seek help from alternative areas like acupuncture and pressure, holistic doctors, herbalists, etc. It’s best to do some research and obviously you can do this online, so fire up the iPad and look at the different careers in these different sectors. This site can help if you want to access stuff in different countries.

You can study Chinese medicine or Ayurveda–the traditional medicine of India. There are so many schools that teach these things as well as a bunch of other alternative medical practices so you need to do some research to see which appeal the most to you. After your training is finished, you could either find a job with an established practice or set up your own.

Health careers are really popular now and when you are interested in these types of jobs there are all sorts of places that you can look into to find more information. To use one example, you might think about checking out the programs at your local community colleges. Something else to check into is accredited internet programs. It’s possible that a health related job will jump out as your destiny.

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Women Dominating Online Shopping Statistics

On a positive note, the online shopping industry is doubtless glad that women are dominating the balance of things being by far the most prolific of buyers of products and service that are offered for sale via the Internet. Most ecommerce websites that combined sell just about everything that can be sold to buyers report that their biggest customers are women.

In an age where the balance of power has seen a big shift away from the big shopping malls and department stores in the direction of the virtual equivalents, it will come as no surprise to note that it is a female led buying population that is helping to keeps the virtual cash registers busy. Part of the runaway success enjoyed by big online stores and the many diverse malls (see for more details) that cater to a wide audience is all down to the way in which the shopping habits of women have changed over recent years.

Why Online Stores Are So Successful

Part of the reason for the incredible success of the major online stores lies in the propensity many people have for window-shopping. Rather than spend time getting ready at home, then going out to visit the local mall or going into town to look around a big department store, it is much easier and more convenient to sit at home and browse the virtual windows of those same stores.

Convenience is high on the list of reasons for this phenomenon, since people would rather spend their free time surfing the web for the best places to buy things and then be able to compare prices and delivery details right there on screen. Gone are the days when you had to spend hours visiting several different stores and writing down the process of the things you were thinking of buying to see who sold it for the lowest price.

Fast, Simple and Convenient

Now you can do simple comparisons online and with most places offering next day and in some instances free delivery, there really is little need to go and physically walk into the brick and mortar edifices that house those products.

The same goes for many services. The days of traipsing around the place visiting different insurance brokers to get the best deals has been replaced by simply opening a browser and visiting the websites of as many insurance companies as you want to until you find the one that offers the best price with the best terms.

If you need a serviceman to come out to your house and fix something, rather than working through the local business pages and getting earache from spending hours on the phone getting quotes, you can do it all in a few minutes online.

It’s no wonder that women who have to balance their time between running a household, looking after the kids and having a social life prefer to save all that time by shopping from ecommerce sites.