Help Women Gain Equality in Law and in Society

Women do not want to be treated in a special way, they don’t way special rights; they just want the same rights that men enjoy around the world. On all 5 continents of the world, women struggle every day under the burden of discrimination. Women face discrimination in education, in the workplace and in society in general. They are denied basic human rights in many places. These shackles are placed on women in the name of ‘tradition’, ‘culture’, ‘the law’ and ‘religion’.

Such justifications for treating women as second class citizens are clearly ahistorical because they assume that culture does not change. All traditions change over time. Oppressions start at a specific date in the past, and they will surely stop sometime in the future. All the great religious and political leaders in history sought to bring change to the mainstream ways of thinking: Gandhi, Martin Luther King; even Jesus and Mohammed challenged orthodoxy. We the International Council of Women also seek change. We want women to enjoy the same civil rights as men.

Here is a brief list of discrimination against women in the world:

  • Lebanese women married to foreign nationals cannot pass on their nationality rights to their children or spouses. Thus, the husband of a Lebanese woman who is not Lebanese cannot gain an automatic spouse visa to work in the Lebanon.
  • At present there is no law in America stopping young girls being taken out of the country and being subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM). This is a serious issue in several places in the world where a girl’s genitals are sewn up to guarantee their virginity on their wedding day. This operation is often done with unsterilized equipment and leads to infertility or serious infection.
  • Women in Saudi Arabia are not permitted to drive. Many women have protested this discrimination by illegally driving and filming their actions. Those women caught could be punished with flogging.
  • Girls in Saudi Arabia are sent to sex segregated schools where they receive an inferior education to boys. Under the male guardianship system in Saudi Arabia women must have forms signed by their male guardian before they are able to study abroad. Thus, women are completely at the mercy of men when it comes to their education.
  • Girls in Saudi Arabia have no rights to refuse marriage in the country. It is common practice for the male guardian to marry off girls as young as 12 to old men for financial gain.
  • In Iran, women can still be stoned to death for adultery. Naturally (or unnaturally) the same law does not apply to adulterous men.
  • According to a UN report there are 12.3 million adults and children in forced labor and forced sexual servitude. More than half of the people in the above figure are women and children. 79% of human trafficking cases involve sexual exploitation.
  • In Chile, when a woman marries she automatically forfeits her rights to any property she has inherited.
  • Despite the new Afghanistan constitution which gives women equal rights to men, in many areas of the country Sharia law exists that prohibits a woman from leaving the house unaccompanied by a male relative.
  • In Japan, an 18 year old man may marry a 16 year old woman, but not vice versa. Furthermore, a woman in Japan may not remarry until 6 months have passed since the dissolution of the last marriage. No such law applies to men.
  • In China, women are prevented by law from doing jobs that are labeled as ‘Grade IV physical labor intensity’ despite Article 48 of the Constitution of China which grants women equality with men in all spheres of life.
  • In the USA a person born out of wedlock and out of the USA can only gain automatic American citizenship if the father is American, not if the mother is American.

These are just a few brief examples of the injustices women face. Most of the examples are of discrimination founded within the law. This discrimination is not confined to developing countries or to extreme religious positions. That Japan and America have not repealed clearly sexist laws reveals a lot about the inherent patriarchal values that still dominate the status quo in those countries.

We must challenge leaders to change unfair laws that discriminate against women. We must lobby governments to do more to stop the sex tourist trade that fuels human trafficking and bonded sexual slavery.

We must start dialogues with communities that still practice FGM and protect girls from being kidnapped and subjected to this mutilation.

We must set up support groups to give adolescent girls a means of escaping childhood marriages; and men must be shamed into stopping the exploitation of female members of their family for financial gain.

What is required is an international effort to bring to light cases of abuse against women. Peaceful demonstrations and petitions must be organized to ameliorate the inherent sexism in many laws. Although constitutions around the world talk of the equality of men and women, particular laws contradict this aim.

The articles contained in are about equality, about the sexism inherent in laws and cultural practices. It is only by making more people aware of the issues that the cause of justice can be moved forward.

Why Aren’t Women Happier?

In just about every country in the world, women are living longer than men.  They face a whole host of challenges such as greater levels of poverty,higher chances of encountering violence both physical and sexual.  There are also lots more subtle sorts of discrimination which can severely effect women’s lives in all sorts of specific ways.

So although life expectancy is higher, it seems that women’s well being is not improving in the same way. Although there are increases in political, social and economic freedoms this doesn’t seem to be matched by an improvement in a general feeling of contentment.

It seems counter intuitive, that the more women’s lives improve then the less content they seem.  It has been analysed in a few studies over the years, the way that women’s happiness doesn’t seem to increase when other external factors improve.   In contrast men’s happiness doesn’t seem to fluctuate as much and overall seem to be happier with their lives.


So why is this? Evidence supports the idea that women’s rights and roles in the home in the US and Europe have not moved in step with changes in the workplace. Therefore, because women with jobs often do most of the chores and childcare, they shoulder a dual burden that cuts into their sleep and fun. Long commutes are thought to make British women more miserable than British men because of the greater pressure on women to meet responsibilities at home as well as work.

Expectations also lie behind the curious finding that performing household chores makes men statistically less likely to become depressed but contributes to depression in women. Taking on housework seems to encourage men to judge themselves as generally likeable, fair-minded dudes, kindly reducing their wives’ load. On the other hand, taking on housework seems to make women feel exploited.

The social history of Switzerland, where women weren’t allowed to vote until 1971, reveals the subtleties of employment expectations on happiness. A decade after Swiss women gained suffrage, the country’s citizens voted in a referendum on whether the constitution should be amended to state that women deserve equal pay for equal work.

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Britain’s Exit from EU could Impact Woman’s Rights

A report has been released sponsored by the Trade Union Congress has said that leaving the European Union would severely hamper women’s rights in the United Kingdom.  The vote happens on the 23rd June and the TUC said a ‘yes’ vote would hit both equal pay and protection against discrimination.

The congress said that the EU had been an important part in empowering both the ability of women to work in an equal environment.  They recognize that there had been huge gains which had been driven by EU membership.   These include equal wages for thousands of low paid women, plus the implementation of paid holidays for part time workers.


There is a perception that perhaps ordinary workers would be better off without the bureaucracy of the EU but the reality is that much of the real important legislation which has protected women’s rights in recent years has come from Europe.  Simple things like discrimination in pregnancy and more rights for lower paid and temporary workers have all come from Europe.

These have made an important improvement to women’s and worker’s lives.  Much of the legislation that is referred to as burdens include many social, welfare and employment protections which help the more vulnerable in our societies.  Often these are not politically expedient to a democratically elected government but do longer term protection for people and societies.  This is why sometimes legislation derived from the EU is unlikely to happen in domestic politics and courts – there’s less of a short term financial gain for the government.

There are other benefits of course, which will directly affect women’s rights including the economic benefits.  In times of austerity and recession, it is usually women who suffer disproportionately because of their working patterns and less flexibility.  The single market despite it’s critics has brought economic success and stability in a huge number of areas.  Take the example of digital goods and services, the European Union is at the forefront of establishing rules to govern these.  Situations where I cannot access the BBC iPlayer because of my location, so I can’t watch BBC News live because I happen to be spending the weekend in France – it’s crazy.  The EU is trying to pass legislation ensuring that if I buy something in one European country online then it’s available anywhere else in Europe to me.  SO digital subscriptions and services don’t suddenly disappear just because I happen to have crossed a border.

Why is this important?  Well the digital sector is starting to bring a huge economic contribution to the GDP of many European countries,  supporting and encouraging this market to grow will bring prosperity, jobs and economic advantages.  It’s also ridiculous that I have to spend ages looking for the best VPN for Netflix every few weeks when I travel abroad to access a service I have paid for but can’t access.


Women’s Rights in Russia

There have been often concerns about how far Russia is falling behind in progressing women’s rights.  Last week UN experts reported on another incident where a Russian professional woman suffered further discrimination.  Svetlana Medvedeva graduated as a navigation officer in 2012, qualifying her to take control at the helm of a boat.  However after being selected to a private company for such a role she was subsequently rejected form the position.

The grounds where that the Russian authorities have listed the occupation as one not suitable for women.  She has pursued a judicial order to attempt to compel the company to establish safer working conditions which would allow her to take up the employment.   However all her appeals have been rejected as the court have reasoned that the restrictions were in place to help protect the reproductive health of women.

The case has been passed to the UN to report on and the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) reported that there was no scientific or other evidence provided to the committee to support the claim that including women in the role would be harmful to women’s reproductive health.  The Committee found that there was no legal basis for the decision and that Medvedeva had been unfairly blocked from taking up a position for which she had been specifically trained and educated for.

The CEDAW have called on Russia to amend their list of restricted occupations for women, and enable Ms Medvedeva to be given access to these sorts of employment positions plus compensating her for the previous discrimination.

Whether the Russian authorities will comply is another matter, they have frequently taken a rather relaxed attitude to UN backed requests.  In particular to the many restrictions and blocks on reporting through the media and press.  Most journalists now routinely operate anonymous accounts online using programs like Identity Cloaker to ensure  their safety and privacy.

Zeva – starting a new jewelry business

Yesterday I had a long talk with Henriette, the female owner of – online smykker and accessories, a newly started webshop selling bracelets, necklaces and earrings to women. It’s a 100% online shop without any local facilities and it’s her very first attempt at a webshop. I would say that’s a very bold move, as it’s a niche with a very high amount of competition, so I asked her, what steps did she take to make her stand out from the crowd? Let’s take a look at which step she took in order to start her own jewelry webshop and which thoughts she had during the process, which test she had to do and how she implemented the project.
The competition in this field is quite strong, and 90% of the big players are actually men.
As a woman it can be hard to start a new business, but despite all problems, she still managed to get her own business up and running. You can read more about the company Zeva here at


Henriette have a strong background in marketing and webdesign, having created several shops for customers. But never had her own website before. She has always been interested in fashion, style and jewelries, so it was a pretty logical step to decide that it should be a jewelry business. She choose the name Zeva – online smykker, as Zeva sounded very similar to the word Diva, which would represent women and quality.


The first step in order to start any kind of business, is of course research. So she had to find out if there was enough interesse in the products to valid creating a webshop, and she had to find suppliers who could provide the bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings in a high enough quality and with the type of design she wanted. Since 99% of the cheap products didn’t have a high enough quality or contained traces of Nickel or lead, it simply wasn’t an option to import some cheap china jewelry. So finding some good suppliers was actually one of the hardest tasks.


The step was the implementation of the CMS shopping system, since Henriette already had the experience needed to create a webshop, she didn’t have to spend additional money on this part. Hence the price for creating the webshop was really low compared to many other companies starting an online business.


Already having some experience with marketing also made this task a lot cheaper. She could onpage optimize the website for keywords like jewelry, smykker, fashion etc., create the Adwords campaigns and various types of online advertising, without having to buy any external help. This easily halved her cost to marketing for the website.

The future

But what does the future bring for Henriette? Getting the online business up and running was just the first step. Now it’s time to focus on bringin in more customers, expanding the product collection and maybe hiring some more people to help out. But for now everything is going really well for this woman and her business.

Good Communication is the Key to Management

Who needs to manage? Well the reality is that most of us need to manage people to some extent whatever our role in life is. Yet often we have little or no training in what is ultimately the key skill in management and that’s communication. If you want to see an example played out on screen – just try and watch ‘The Apprentice’ on the BBC and see some of the lack of communication played out on your screens. Although unfortunately it’s becoming harder to access the BBC from outside the UK as they’ve recently started blocking VPNs – read here.

In case you are in a position where you manage other people either in your own business or in your place of work, then the need to be able to communicate effectively is essential. The way you speak with people will ultimately affect the way they think of you and can create negative or positive responses. The more authority you have within the enterprise, the greater the impact of your communications will be on the organization overall, no matter how comfortable you are with that fact. This article highlights the value of developing your communication skills as a way of being a more efficient manager.


The scariest act of communication, speaking in public, is often a requirement of management positions, whether it is to make meeting presentations or to address your subordinates in general. You must take part in public speaking frequently so as to overcome any fear you might have. Good preparation is the crucial element to success as you face your communications situations. Your preparation is going to be your self-confidence to deal with anything unanticipated that could come up. For many of us, visualization exercises are all that are necessary to maintain composure during public speaking engagements.

The manner by which you communicate with people on a day to day basis is also a skill you should work on. For instance, conflict is a common thing in any situation where several people work together, and you’re ultimately the one responsible for fixing conflict with or between subordinates. In these cases you need to be firm while showing understanding for the other person’s perspective. If you possibly could deal with situations like this by agreeing a way forward, you are going to have a much happier member of staff as opposed to trying to enforce a solution on them. This normally requires empathy and a degree of skill but if you get better at this you can get the desired result out of a challenging situation.

Your success as a manager will also be based mostly on your ability to find a way to communicate with each subordinate in a manner that will motivate that subordinate to want to achieve success. You must respond to each person on an individual level, while not ignoring the importance of the whole company culture. Whenever you’re communicating with a single individual, use the opportunity to try to learn more about that individual and how that person interacts. After all, your main job as a manager is to ensure that your subordinates stay on task as they work towards the company objectives.

One of the challenges of effective organizational management is coming to the understanding that your communication skills will either limit or enhance your success. Thus you’ll manage better if you work on developing better communication skills.

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How to Demonstrate Positive Leadership Skills

Not anyone can be a leader, we probably all know that – watch the Apprentice on TV or your local football team fall apart on a Saturday afternoon and you’ll see a demonstration. However it’s possible for everyone, to develop skills that they can use in some sort of leadership scenarios.

There is a good deal of responsibility implied in almost any leadership role you accept. Leadership isn’t at all times a good thing. Positive leadership in positive directions is a good thing. Never ever let leadership take on a negative meaning. If you wish to be a good leader, strive for great results for you and your followers. It is vital to steer clear of all that is negative in leadership, while striving toward the positive. But to make this happen you must recognize each.

A proper analysis of the good traits that make up the best leaders will need to first start with an understanding of what traits are generally found in terrible leaders. A typical example of this is an individual who embodies a histrionic character. For those people wondering how a histrionic personality will respond in a leadership role, the answer is they are going to behave in a self-centered fashion. All things considered, the typical underlying emotional need being met is that of being under constant attention, with each mannerism intended to get notice. Now, there’s nothing inherently bad with wanting recognition and compliments, but this sort of self-serving attitude isn’t one that serves the primary goal of being a leader which is, of course, to lead.

Although the histrionic personality can be a bad leader and even overbearing at times, nothing’s nastier than the leader who is a bully. To be certain, bullying is simply not leadership. A bullying approach to leadership is one that involves a lot of screaming, pressuring, and threats of corrective action. The aim of bullying might be the same, but the strategy is the opposite. Bullies are pushers, not leaders.

You might be wondering how any person could develop such detrimental leadership characteristics. It generally happens when one is misplaced in a leadership role without good preparation. This kind of person is probably not ready to make the commitment to self-improvement needed to replace bad leadership habits with good ones.

Questions will crop up concerning what is the correct approach to take if you wish to be an excellent leader. There are plenty of positive attributes you’ll find in most good leaders. It would be hard to list all of them, but you could sum up the characteristics in the sense they should always be positive in their attitude and method. Too, they’re decidedly not self-centered.

The very best leaders are more concerned with the well-being and successes of their groups than of themselves. Naturally, they will be empathetic toward the circumstances of subordinates. A great leader will certainly be a very good communicator, a positive person, and always focused. Does this mean somebody who may currently lack these attributes won’t be a good selection for a leader? No, any individual can improve their current skill at being a leader. Provided that there is a sincere desire to improve, there is no reason why improvements cannot be made.

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How to Hire the Right People

Any businesses, needs people to expand however hiring the right people can be difficult especially if you’ve never hired outside staff before.

In many businesses, the hiring process is one that feels like it will never end. And successfully hiring the right people for the positions can sometimes seem like it’s hit or miss. Part of the problem is that the hiring process is so subjective. Also, people are very flawed in certain situations such as the unconscious tendency to hire people that are like those who are making the decisions. And the problems with hiring do not end there.

Proper training in employment screening and hiring can eliminate many of the common mistakes that are made.  Businesses are becoming increasingly hi-tech about this process, with checks made all the way from the initial application, some even check the location like this, to block fake ip addresses being used.


You may have heard that it is wise to hire slowly, but then fire quickly. It really is smart to put some time into the hiring process.

When this is done, you will come into contact more times with the candidate and get to know more about what he can do. First, this is your opportunity to come in contact with them and see what they can do. You want to ask lots of questions and observe how they answer them and what they say. After you get a little bit more practice in, you will see that the applicants will become more comfortable and give you the truth for each answer. You will want to pay close attention to the applicant’s body language when you pose the more difficult questions. Hiring for a management position is difficult but finding someone for a senior management position is even more complicated. Other articles have dealt with the issues regarding employing the wrong people. However, this concern and level of risk becomes much greater when it involves management personnel. You will have to spend about more than double the salary to replace this kind of position. You need to make sure you are very stringent and demanding in your criteria for employing a manager, dependent on level of course. The more time you spend to make sure you hire the right person, the more it will save you in the long run.

There are businesses that are able to provide data on many different types of jobs and those personal qualities that indicate an individual is well-suited for it.

Although you can do this on your own, it will take time and information that you don’t have access to. But, it is smarter to pay for this information and let someone else handle it. This is a sound business investment that will pay for itself as time goes by. Since you will dish out more money when the wrong employees are hired, you should utilize this information and get the right ones.

Successful hiring is incredibly important to the business you want to run which is why, in so many ways, it is so intimidating. If you hire the wrong person you can cost your business all sorts of money. Most of the time a company will shrug it off and start all over from the beginning. This is not the best way to respond to a situation in which something is wrong. The truth, though, is that you will be in a far better situation if you can prevent the problem again in the future.

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Learning French – How to Get Started

There are numerous advantages to learning a second language, however sometimes it can seem difficult to get started. People often say that French is a hard language to learn, but if you go about it in the right way, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. The truth is that we all have the capacity to learn new languages. You want to find the system of learning a language that you can feel comfortable with. You must take into consideration that everyone picks up languages in their own unique manner. To be sure, some have a gift for learning languages and pick up the grammar and structural rules more quickly than others. We will now point out some helpful hints to make learning a language easier for you, no matter what you own style of learning might be.


Try to read books and magazines that are written in French. If you want to get more comfortable with how to create sentences, as well as improve your vocabulary, reading in French is great practice. If you want to become accustomed to the specific ways words are used and the rules of grammar work, the best method is to practice reading in that language. If your goal is to speak French, or any new language, so others can understand you and you can understand them, reading in that language will definitely help you. Watching films and TV in French can also help, invest in a France proxy server and you will be able to watch all the French TV channels online such as the wonderful M6 Replay.

If you are in a situation where the only way to make it through the day is to learn to communicate using a new language then you will adapt and fast. The most effective way of pulling this off is to travel to a French, or other language, speaking country where you won’t have the opportunity to speak your native language. This will force you to learn how to communicate with the people around you and force you to be open to learning French as it is used in everyday life. This method works best for those who reacts best under pressure and is not suited for everyone.

Start labeling everything in your home with labels that have their French name attached. This method will help you to memorize basic words that you will be using everyday. For some people this works best because you become very familiar to the vocabulary from so much exposure to them. This way, every time you reach into your refrigerator or get a book off of a shelf, you’ll have a reminder of the French word for those things.

This is one of the more powerful methods because you are associating the word to a physical object so when you hear the word a picture of the object will appear in your mind also. It takes some effort to learn a language, but it doesn’t have to be unpleasant or even difficult. If you get a little creative, you can see that there are many ways to make it simpler and more fun! The trick is to find the method that works best for you and, frankly, that can take some time. Very often people find themselves trying a variety of courses, tools and strategies for learning a language before they finally find the one they are comfortable with. This is both normal and common, so don’t let it discourage you. Stick with your lessons and one day you will find yourself understanding and speaking French better than you ever thought possible!

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Is it harder to get a job as a woman?

There are still a lot of talk about the difference between getting a job as a woman as a man. Many say that being a man gives you an advantage when applying for a job, and while this certainly were true 20 years ago, is it still true today? It’s a question that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no. For instance if we look at the people who are currently unemployed there are about as a many unemployed men as there are women. So according to those statistics, it’s equally hard to get a job for both men and women, but there are a lot more to it than just looking at the current number of people without a job. For instance there are a lot more females with some kind of education compared to the men, most of those who drop out of school or their education are men, more women seems to know the importance of this and often finish their education. Also more women are likely to take the jobs that nobody else wants, for instance a job in cleaning, serving food, picking berries etc. It’s often boring jobs with no long term opportunities. Most of the people applying for those kinds of jobs are women. If we look at factory like DC supply, a company producing container and mobilkøkken, then we see that in the management, 70% of the employees are men, the last 30% are women,the middle jobs, like tech support, engineers, accounting, human resources etc. it’s split more equally with about 50% males and women. If we take another step down the payroll, the numbers change once again. Now it’s around 60% and 40% men working the boring jobs with a low pay.

According to this it seems that women are more likely to take the low paid jobs compared to men, and this could indicate that it might be still be harder to women to get the good jobs, but maybe a little easier to get the low paid ones. If we go to 10 years back in time and look at D supply again, the numbers were even worse. Back then only 20% of the women were in management, 40% in the middle, and 70% in the bottom of the company, so things have definitely improved, but not quiet as much as we would have liked. And if we look at other similar companies, the trend is more or less the same here. To few women at the good jobs and to many at the bad ones.

This only shows that the women are less picky when it comes to taking a job, even when they have a good education, compared to men, so basically you can say that it’s not harder for a woman to get a job, but it’s still harder to get a good job.

At billig kreatin, you can see more examples of women vs men in top jobs.


Afghan Women’s Activists Attend Funeral

KABUL– Afghan women’s rights activists dressed head-to-toe in black broke with tradition Sunday to carry the coffin of a girl who had been beaten to death by a mob in the capital Kabul over claims a Qur’an had been burned by her.

The mob of men beat 27-year-old Farkhunda before throwing her body running over it using a car, placing it on fire and throwing it right into a river near a well-known mosque.

The strike was apparently triggered by claims that Farkhunda, who like many Afghans has just one name, had set fire to some Qur’an. But the most senior detective in Afghanistan said no evidence was found to support those claims.

Video of the assault taken with cellphones has circulated extensively because the strike on Thursday. The killing has shocked many Afghans and led to renewed calls for justice and reform.

“We want justice for Farkhunda, we desire justice for Afghan girls. All these injustices occurring to Afghan women are unacceptable,” said a leading women’s rights activist who goes by the name Dr. Alima.

“In which religion or beliefs can it be okay to burn a person to death?

President Ashraf Ghani, now in Washington on his first state visit to America since taking office in September, condemned the killing as a “heinous assault” and ordered an investigation.
Many rights activists, however, said the killing cut to the core of how women are treated as second class citizens in Afghan society.  They however have to be extremely careful in a society dominated by men, who will often use violence to enforce their own belief.  The activists need to  be very careful and the majority of them take security precautions such as using UK VPN servers such as this one – when online
Girls are normally wed away as children, then and traded as chattels infrequently permitted to depart their homes with no male relative.

Hundreds of people gathered at a graveyard Sunday in the middle class suburb near the dwelling of Farkhunda. With the permission of her dad, her coffin was carried by the women in black from an ambulance to an open air prayer earth, after which to rites that are usually attended only by men, her grave.

“She is a sister to you all, which is your responsibility to bury her,” Farkhunda’s brother Najibullah, standing graveside, told the crowd.
Officials several politicians and senior police officers addressed the funeral, which was broadcast live. Men formed a chain across the women pallbearers to provide protection and support.

The attack seemed to have grown from a veiled girl who’d just completed a degree in religious studies and was preparing to take a teaching post a dispute between Farkhunda, and guys who sold amulets at Shah -Do Shamshera shrine, where the killing happened.

The amulet sellers were viewed by her as parasites and told women to not waste their cash to them, family and friends said. Her father, Mohammed Nadir, said the men responded by making false accusations that a Qur’a had been torched by her.
“Based on their lies, folks determined Farkhunda was not a Muslim and beat her to death,” he said. The Interior Ministry said it was supplying extra protection for the household.
The Interior Ministry said 13 police officers were suspended pending investigation.
“She’s totally innocent,” he said.

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