Equal Opportunities: A Fair Society Is Admiring

Who wants to live a society with more crimes, cruelty and poverty? Of course, no one wants to live like that. If there is, then that person is not on his/her normal mind set. Living a fair society would assure to live life healthily. However, this cannot be happen if equal opportunity is being prohibited. Each person young or old has the right to live life happily and healthily. Thus, equal opportunities would bring the society into its deserved development. Baby Clothes are a part of individual right to have. Clothing is one of the basic needs of an individual. How much more on babies? They need clothes to wear because they need to be cared well and they are so much sensitive. Clothing would make them more comfortable. Babytøj should receive equal opportunities because it is so much admiring that we have fair society. From the saying, “the youths are the hope of the nation”, it should be necessary that clothing should be provided. It would sound funny if our youth don’t wear any clothes as it could be destructing. So, let’s talk on the other part. A fair society means to have a well-developed nation in the future. 


Equal opportunities to all patients would assure to have a fair society. We are already aware that some hospitals these days are not entertaining well patients who are less in life. They usually ignore those patients who come with them if they don’t have cash in advance for the payment of the hospital services. There is one time that the faculties and even the nurses ask first cash advance and if the patient answers “no”, they don’t entertain them until they provide money and that sounds discrimination. Actually not sounds discriminating but truly discrimination exists. Would you consider that to have a fair society? We would have this fair society with equal opportunities of course and that is to entertain patients with no discrimination on its life status.


Equal opportunities should also exist at schools. Private and public schools are now almost alike. When hearing about public schools, most schools don’t let students enroll if they don’t pay registration fee at school or the tuition fee. How about giving chance to parents to provide tuition fee and permit students enroll. Always remember that students would be at school for 10 months and that would be an enough time to save money for the tuition fee or enrollment fee. It is also expected that private schools don’t allow students being enrolled with no enrollment fee but that should not be practiced on public schools.

Gender Discrimination

Baby Clothes is another help guide to open the eyes of the society that equal opportunities should be practiced. Gender discrimination should not be allowed since each individual either man or woman has their own skills, talents, capacities and capabilities. Let’s just cite an example in here. A driver doesn’t need to be a man. There are women drivers today that have the potential to be a professional driver when compared to man drivers which were reckless on their driving skills. 

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