Equality Commission of the United Kingdom

It’s supposed to guarantee equality of need, but a brand-new report accuses of letting the promotion of good relationships between the two communities to sabotage the rights of minorities, the Equality Commission. A report to be published tomorrow by the Committee on the Administration of Justice indicates that the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland has begun to put more focus on good relations. Perhaps it’s because of priorities, the plan of preserving peace – at the expense of encouraging equality, particularly in the areas of the Irish speech and people housing. However it is leading to such controversial treatment of the former Girdwood military website in North Belfast.

The committee rejects the claim that equality legislation has been jeopardized by an interpretation of relations, stating: we don’t believe this claim is supported by the evidence. An integral part of the strategy is geared toward improving the ECNI’s powers to include statutory supervision of equality and good relations legislation. The term relationships can be utilized 179 times from the strategy document – but it fails to offer any definition for the term. In 1998 Section 75 of That the Northern Ireland Act, That the commission was given powers to control equality and good relations in policies by the implementation laws for the Good Friday Agreement.

Equality is important and any aspect of discrimination can seriously undermine minorities. These exist in all forms, including gender, disabilities and even ethnic backgrounds. Since the Brexit vote particularly there has been increased pressure on the legislation to protect people from different nationalities who are resident in the United Kingdom. It is vital to protect these people in a fair and democratic society, if they have the legal right to live in the UK then they should have the same rights as anyone else.

It’s perfectly possible to check legislation that’s based in other countries although most of the European countries have now standardized along EU legislation. Some government sites in other countries restrict access based on location however if you use an online IP changer such at this one you should be able to access ok.

Particularly, Section 75 was designed to make sure that the equality laws should always take precedence over great relations. While from principle equality has primacy from That the legislation, That the report claims there have been significant samples of the commission placing good relations over equality. As part of that the Section 75 requirement of the Agreement, people figures are obliged to undertake Equality Impact Assessments on all proposals to make sure they adhere to equality legislation. In the year 2007 the ECNI announced a major plan shift when it decided that people figures should also now carry out EQIAs to ensure that proposals didn’t unfairly impact on great relations as well equality issues.

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