Islam And Human Rights

The Person who lives in Syria, and That Appears to sympathize with Jubhat Al- Nusrah, drew on Jubhat Al Nusrah, the Islam State of Iraq and this Levant, and distinctions between Islam Goals of the Jihad movement. The debate was that these movements in Syria and at producing an Islam state beyond effort anchored in Shari’a law, Islam, Muhammad, and Allah’s teachings. The differentiation between Jubhat Al Nusrah and ISIL was that the Jubhat Al Nusrah’s mission aims at establishing Islam order and an Islam state. Whether this mission spread to other countries is not a portion of their objectives, if they want, though this Islam platform can be adopted by other countries.

And on the flip side, mission and the objectives of ISIL is a recurrence through the area. Put producing Shari’a law and an Islam nation based government in Iraq or in Syria will not meet the desire of God, Muhammad, and Islam teachings and is not adequate.  There are of course real issues of how Islam is portrayed online especially as ISIS are adept at using social media to effectively brainwash young people.  The reality is that whatever message is portrayed online particularly with regards women’s rights, the reality for women living under their rule is very different.  It is also extremely difficult to stop these messages from being broadcast across the internet, the terrorists will use an IP cloaker to hide their location and disposable social media accounts.  These can be very effective and are almost impossible to trace if used and then discarded like this.

We might contend that Jihadists functionally dominate Syrian groups from around the world, other groups, and groups trying to make an Islam order and pursue their own goals that are very. A few of the proponents of Islam and Islam laws would point out that this ideology and faith of Islam sit in the core of human rights standards and are completely harmonious with the contemporary notion of human rights. However in Islam nations, an individual that rejects and abandons Islam has no right to life. According to Islam, unbelievers perpetrate the worst sin in Islam. Article five countries that No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

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