Say No To Woman Discrimination 2

It is not new to us when we hear about gender discrimination as there are still places around the world that concerns more on the gender. The question on this issue is that, Why is a gender becomes an issue? Men use to think that they are the most great, powerful, know almost everything and espicially, the voice in a family. However, women use to be silent as they respect men and thet also think that men should be followed. When we try to way back on decades, men are respected, they are the voice in a family, they are the breadwinner and every decision they might say should be followed. Of course, men are the breadwinner in a family and they should be respected, but come to think of it. Are women don’t have the voice and are they not deserved to be heard and respected? As they say, women will always be women and should only be at home and responsible on taking care of their children. This is really a big issue when it comes on gender discrimination. We must have to check on stoker træpiller. If comparison with men, women are very flexible when it comes on their abilities, capabilities, skills and talents. Women are actually very active and are multi-tasking.

Yes, women know about multi-tasking, they are actually flexible. If men know how to drive then women also can do it. If men can work and support the family as the breadwinner then women can also   do it. Never underestimate women as they can be like men. Equal oppurtunities should be imlemented. Gender should not be the hindrance for women to expose and enhance their skills and abilities. Discrmination is actually arising and this is disadvantages for people that are not really treated the same and hence the answer to this issue must be treated equally. Equal treatment of gender is really a good start in a person’s life as it will be their first step to enhance their abilities, Træpiller, capabilites and skills. It is not right that a person limits itself because they are not allowed to enhance their abilties because of their gender. Every person has its own knowledge, Træpiller, intelligence, values, emmtions and potential to develop skills and these must be appreciated through letting them have the right to enhance it. Gender discrimination is actually not right and very unfair for women. This means that when we follow this gender discrimination then we are letting a person not to develop itself more. Each of us has the ability, capability and skills, and these must be developed through having equal right. If a man has the right to work and do what they want to support their family and also to develop their skills then women must also have to have these oppurtunities and rights.

We have to admit the fact that there are women that have more skills compared to men. There are capabilities of men that can also be done by women. Women are really flexible when it comes to their capabilities because they can do multi-tasking and this is true. A lot of women today are exceeding because of the talent, skills, abilties, Træpiller, capabilites and knowledge they have. So no matter what, always say no to women discrimination.