Will Trump Retract Statements?

For the many organisations who try to promote and protect human rights across the world, the election of President-elect Trump was a huge blow.  The issue is that many of his proposals would cause all sorts of issues to people across the planet.

There were statements regarding the use of torture, immigration, refugees, health care, media and women’s rights all causing great concern.   Of course, we don’t know yet whether these were all an electioneering style or meant to form the basis of real policy objectives.

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Most of us cannot remember ever hearing the prospective leader of a Western democracy suggesting that torture should be endorsed and used in certain circumstances.  Even that statement puts him on extremely shaky ground as of course torture is illegal with regards to many US and international laws.  There’s some evidence that it may be just electioneering bluster, since the statements he has pulled back slightly and suggested that the use of torture may not be that effective.

Other major causes of concern were on those of immigrant and refugee rights.   The proposal to deport many of the millions of immigrants who now live in the US of course is at the top of the list.  Combined with his statements about blocking Muslims both entering the country and maintaining some sort of ‘stasi’ type list of those who are already lives there is sure to create all sorts of human rights infringements.

Many women are concerned about the proposals which may effect their safety, particularly his support for the religious ‘pro-life’ groups.    One specific item of concern is his promise to repeal the Affordable Care act which has made a huge contribution to expanding the supply of reproductive health care and access to contraception.

Of course, it has been suggested that many of these proposals were simply meant to win an election and will quietly be sidelined now he is in power.  The worry is that  these were statements which won him votes and Trump could feel justified that he has a mandate to carry them out.

We will of course have to wait and see, the democratic world seems to be lurching to the right and people’s rights are being eroded at every corner.   Only this month in the UK, Theresa May has invoked the hugely controversial ‘Snoopers Charter’ which allows the state to legally record every web visit in the UK.  It will mean that for any privacy then a VPN or US DNS Netflix application will be an essential tool and not just for watching region blocked websites like Netflix.