Women’s fashion iPhone apps

Fashion is one of the things that you will never run away form even if you chose to hide from it forever. Sometimes, due to the busy schedule the corporate woman has today, it’s hard to keep up with fashion trends. Nevertheless, as a woman fashionista, you want to keep abreast with fashion trends at all cost. Sometimes, you want to be the first at your work place or neighborhood to rock the new fashion wear. If you do not have enough time to watch fashion shows or read fashion magazines, you can get fashion tips straight into your Free iPhone 5. (You can win one for free in the UK at Win Free iPhone) Here are some iPhone apps specifically created for fashionistas.

The vogue stylist- The vogue magazine is one of the places to find fashion trends and with the name ‘Vogue’ you already sense fashion ideas.  With the vogue stylist iPhone app, you are able to access all information that you need to know about fashion trends. What’s more, you get tips and advice from Vogue magazine editors who also comment on various fashion trends of the season. This free app. will also allow you to know the kind of products that suite you according to your location and weather. The app also allows you to purchase these products directly from your iPhone.


Rue La La is another amazing app for the modern woman in love with fashion. Though it’s a private website, you will not be disappointed by registering as a member. There is no easier way to find the ‘top shelf’ fashion products from your iPhone. There are numerous designer products to buy using this app. With this app, you are able to access bargains from online boutiques. Furthermore, this app comes in handy if you also use more than one devices such as a blackberry or an android as you can still access the website with either of them.