Zeva – starting a new jewelry business

Yesterday I had a long talk with Henriette, the female owner of Zeva.dk – online smykker and accessories, a newly started webshop selling bracelets, necklaces and earrings to women. It’s a 100% online shop without any local facilities and it’s her very first attempt at a webshop. I would say that’s a very bold move, as it’s a niche with a very high amount of competition, so I asked her, what steps did she take to make her stand out from the crowd? Let’s take a look at which step she took in order to start her own jewelry webshop and which thoughts she had during the process, which test she had to do and how she implemented the project.
The competition in this field is quite strong, and 90% of the big players are actually men.
As a woman it can be hard to start a new business, but despite all problems, she still managed to get her own business up and running. You can read more about the company Zeva here at Aboutus.com/zeva


Henriette have a strong background in marketing and webdesign, having created several shops for customers. But never had her own website before. She has always been interested in fashion, style and jewelries, so it was a pretty logical step to decide that it should be a jewelry business. She choose the name Zeva – online smykker, as Zeva sounded very similar to the word Diva, which would represent women and quality.


The first step in order to start any kind of business, is of course research. So she had to find out if there was enough interesse in the products to valid creating a webshop, and she had to find suppliers who could provide the bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings in a high enough quality and with the type of design she wanted. Since 99% of the cheap products didn’t have a high enough quality or contained traces of Nickel or lead, it simply wasn’t an option to import some cheap china jewelry. So finding some good suppliers was actually one of the hardest tasks.


The step was the implementation of the CMS shopping system, since Henriette already had the experience needed to create a webshop, she didn’t have to spend additional money on this part. Hence the price for creating the webshop was really low compared to many other companies starting an online business.


Already having some experience with marketing also made this task a lot cheaper. She could onpage optimize the website for keywords like jewelry, smykker, fashion etc., create the Adwords campaigns and various types of online advertising, without having to buy any external help. This easily halved her cost to marketing for the website.

The future

But what does the future bring for Henriette? Getting the online business up and running was just the first step. Now it’s time to focus on bringin in more customers, expanding the product collection and maybe hiring some more people to help out. But for now everything is going really well for this woman and her business.